Wednesday, April 09, 2008

email from Sol!

Our dear Sandra, from the Dutch organization Resanito, has emailed us:

Dear Monica,
I will keep you informed about the life of Sol here with us, so you can tell it to all the people who were involved with him when he was with you at the shelter. He is doing very well and he is adorable. What a sweet loving dog he is. He likes us very much and also the kids. He knows now that it is allright for him to go on the couch, and he does it now very often. He doesn't lay all over instead of it he makes him self very small. In the evening he is lying next to Bert (ofcourse). He eats very well, but only if one of us stays with him. So one of us is standing next to him when he is eating, and then he eats well. His medication he takes it with a slice of meat that we buy specially for him. It is pork meat, we call it ham, and normaly people put it on their bread. We give it to Sol with his medication.
When Bert is coming home at 5 o'clock after his day of work he takes Sol for a walk alone. They both like it very much. With the other dogs he is doing alright also. He has a natural fibe to Patapouf, Patapouf is now easier to walk with. It is like he thinks that Sol is keeping it all up for him, and that he doesn't have to do that anymore. Now whe have only male dogs in our household. But all in all Sol is doing perfect and everybody is in love with him, he has a very easy going look over him. I hope you know what I mean.
So this was a long story from Holland. Please give every one a big hug from us and a kiss from Sol.
Love Sandra
(fotos: Sol and Kayleigh)